Takanawa Exit Shinagawa Station

Shinagawa Station Takanawa Exit 品川駅高輪口

Takanawa Exit, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Takanawa Exit, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo

The Takanawa Exit of Shinagawa Station, on the station's west side, provides access to the more elegant face of Shinagawa, backed by a hill, and dominated by hotel towers and their malls, in particular the Prince Hotel and various other Prince-group properties. The other exit of Shinagawa Station, the Konan Exit, is mainly office and apartment blocks, but the area immediately around the Konan exit does offer some memorable, even grandiose, attractions as well as some good accommodation.

For the traveler, taking the Takanawa Exit means first of all accommodation, from the height of luxury down to budget; dining opportunities, from pre-dawn breakfast to late night cuisine and cocktails; entertainment with a cinema and an aquarium featuring dolphin and sea lion shows; exercise, from tennis to fitness; rest and relaxation, whether garden strolling, ten pin bowling, massage therapy or even fishing.

For those with time on their hands and a penchant to stroll, a walk around the Takanawa exit environs, and even well beyond, can be enjoyable, photogenic and interesting.

Wing Takanawa, Shinagawa near Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Wing Takanawa, Shinagawa district, Tokyo
Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium, Tokyo, Japan.
Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium, Shinagawa, Tokyo

Shinagawa Prince Hotel

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is right across Route 15 from the Takanawa Exit, and features at front the Wings Takanawa mall with its four floors of reasonably priced, good quality cafes, restaurants and shops. Wings Takanawa is a convenient option for early morning breakfast, with some restaurants open from 6:30 a.m.

The Shinagawa Prince Hotel is a medium-budget hotel with four wings that range from the very presentable Main Tower, then the Annex Tower, N Tower and the decidedly low-budget East Tower. The B1 of the East Tower has karaoke rooms for hire, 1 pm - 5 am.

The Shinagawa Prince Cinema is on the third floor of the Annex Tower.

Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium dolphins, Tokyo, Japan.
Dolphin show at the Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium, Shinagawa, Tokyo

Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium

Epson Shinagawa Aqua Stadium is right behind the Annex. The Aqua Stadium aquarium with its superb dolphin show in particular makes the 1,850 yen for adults (1,500 yen for hotel guests) entry fee worthwhile, especially for kids. Enjoy, too, the penguins in their specially refrigerated enclosure, the sea lion show, and the 20-meter (65 ft) long submarine tunnel by which you enter the attraction, with marine life gliding overhead and around you.

Sports and Recreation Center

A sports and recreation center is located right behind Aqua Stadium and contains the Stellar Ball concert venue with three performance spaces, one accommodating over 1,700 people; the Bowling Center, Takanawa Tennis Center, Takanawa Golf Center, and Sport Gym Takanawa.

Singapore Seafood Republic, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Singapore Seafood Republic, Shinagawa, Tokyo

Singapore Seafood Republic

The famous Singapore Seafood Republic is a stand-alone restaurant built in distinctive colonial style, entrance way flanked by Singapore lions. It is just across from Wing Takanawa, on the other side of the street known as Zakura-zaka Slope. Rightly renowned for its delicious Singapore-style cuisine, this is a Shinagawa dining experience as great-tasting as it is photogenic that won't hurt your wallet. Open from 11 am to 11 pm.

Shinagawa Goos

Shinagawa Goos is a classy-looking 30-story complex just up Zakura-zaka from Singapore Seafood Republic and right across the road from the Prince Hotel. The main occupant is the Keikyu EX Inn Shinagawa Ekimae hotel - a slightly upscale version of the smaller, budget Keikyu EX Inn Takanawa on the Prince Hotel side of the road, but a business hotel all the same. (Note that the name of the hotel does not appear on the outside of the Shinagawa Goos building.)

Shinagawa Goos has numerous shops, cafes, bars and restaurants - including a large, very visible T.G.I.Friday Steak House out front. Shinagawa Goos is stylish to the hilt, whether it's cafes, restaurants, cocktail bars, or jewelry and gift shopping. The cafe facing the Japanese-style garden with carp pond out the back is especially recommended. Look for the cormorants that inhabit the garden. The restaurant on the 30th floor offers superb views over Shinagawa Station and the whole area.

Shinagawa Goos, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Shinagawa Goos, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Shinagawa Goos Pond, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Shinagawa Goos Pond, Shinagawa, Tokyo

Takanawa Mori Park

Takanawa Mori Park is a small but pleasant park right behind Shinagawa Goos. This contoured section of natural wilderness is a little unkempt but appealing in its natural feel, and for the faithful reflection of the seasons in its foliage. Right next to the park is a fishing center: pools full of fish where you pay money to sit and angle for them.

Kihinkan, Grand Prince Hotel Takananawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Kihinkan, Grand Prince Hotel Takananawa, Tokyo

Grand Prince Hotels Takananawa

At the far northern end, a little back from the road behind Shinagawa Goos, are the genteel aristocrats of Takanawa: the Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa and, right beside it, the more modern and slightly more luxurious Grand Prince Hotel New Takanawa.

Guests can enjoy the delightful 2-hectare Japanese garden that forms much of the hotels' grounds, with its 19 different old structures, including a tea house, a temple, a bell tower, and the Kihinkan: an aristocrat's early 20th century mansion that is now an exclusive function venue, matched by 19 varieties of cherry trees - a memorable sight especially in spring.

Toyoko Inn Hotel

The Toyoko Inn Hotel Takanawa-guchi Shinagawa-eki is a little south of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, i.e., to your left of the Shinagawa Prince Hotel looking from the Takanawa Exit. The Toyoko Inn is a compact, very conveniently located hotel only two minutes walk from the Takanawa Exit of Shinagawa Station. The Toyoko Inn is budget accommodation, but each room is air-conditioned, has a flat screen TV and its own unit toilet/bathroom. Beds are on the firm side, and rooms are small. Breakfast is first-come first-served. Great accessibility and quite adequate comfort for a very reasonable price.

Grand Prince Shinagawa hotels, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Grand Prince Shinagawa hotels, Shinagawa, Tokyo
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Garden, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa Garden, Shinagawa, Tokyo

Other Attractions Near Takanawa Exit of Shinagawa Station

A walk around the Takanawa area includes the following:

Hara Museum of Contemporary Art is a long-established modern art museum a little south of the Takanawa Exit. Housed in an art deco structure, the museum is as worth visiting for its architecture and beautiful grounds as it is for its art exhibits. The eclectic art collection within includes works by Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Maruyama Okyo and Yayoi Kusama.

The Hisuigensekikan is a jade ore museum that began in 2002 as a personal collection. Enjoy displays of jade, both in the raw and worked. Many of the exhibits are for purchase.

Sony Archives is a small museum run by and dedicated to Sony, but that requires a prior reservation to view. Tel: +81 (0) 3 5448 4455; 10 am - 5 pm, Mon. to Fri; Kitashinagawa 6-6-39, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Additionally, the Takanawa side of the station has numerous of Tokyo embassies in Shinagawa ward.

Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Shinagawa Station, Shinagawa, Tokyo

Shinagawa Access

Shinagawa Station is a major railway intersection in Tokyo. Shinagawa Station has connections with the JR Yamanote Line, the Tokaido Shinkansen, west to Hamamatsu, Nagoya, Kyoto and Osaka, the Keikyu Main Line to Kawasaki, Yokohama (17 minutes) and Uraga, the Keikyu Airport Line to Haneda Airport (14 minutes), the Keihin Tohoku Line to Ueno Station and Omiya (47 minutes), the Yokosuka Line with trains to Chiba and Narita Airport, Kamakura, Yokosuka and the Narita Express rapid service to Tokyo's main international airport, Narita International Airport (67 minutes).

The Narita Express train to Narita International Airport runs via Tokyo Station and Shinagawa Station with departures from Shinjuku Station, Yokohama and Omiya.

Kita-Shinagawa Station is a 15-20 minute walk from Shinagawa Station or just one stop on the Keikyu Main Line. Exit here for the old Tokaido area of Shinagawa with its traditional shops and restaurants.

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