Venus Fort

Tokyo Guide: Venus Fort

Tokyo Area Guide: Venus Fort ヴィーナスフォート

Venus Fort

Venus Fort, Odaiba, Tokyo.
Venus Fort by night

Venus Fort is part of the Palette Town complex in Tokyo's waterside Odaiba district, and is one of the many attractions the area offers.

Venus Fort is Tokyo's answer to the European Renaissance. The boxy exterior of this three-floor shopping, dining and entertainment complex belies a vast, airy, grandiose and elaborately ornate interior, replete with Italianesque statuary, architecture, painting, and scenery. And, of course, as much shopping as you can handle, much of it duty-free for the tourist.

Venus Fort offers all visitors a free Wi-Fi connection throughout.

The most omnipresent visual in the time-warp that is Venus Fort is its lofty "sky" above, a constantly morphing play of Old Master ethereal blues and sunset pinks on a domed ceiling. The play of clouds and various flavors of light takes place over a repeating one-hour cycle.

There are several other stunning features throughout Venus Fort in the form of historical - and histrionic - follies that will take your breath away.

Fountain Plaza is the star of the Venus Fort show: a toweringly high roofed plaza beset with a circle of stone columns, and focused on a giant fountain borne aloft by six lissome Greco-Roman goddesses in the middle of a classically tiled sunflower-pattern floor.

Church Plaza is the Fort's next biggest space, and is just as awe-inspiring in its squarer, more austere lines, dominated as it is by what looks a lot more like a hefty Roman temple than a church.

Venus Fort Shopping

There are three floors of shops in Venus Fort: Venus Family on the 1F, Venus Grand on 2F, and Venus Outlet on 3F.

Venus Family occupies the first floor and is more kids oriented than the two upper floors, with its "Dear Kids Park," a free rest and play area for children, and clothing and other shops aimed at youngsters. There are diaper changing and nursing areas on this floor, as well as on floors 2 and 3.

Venus Fort Fountain Plaza, Odaiba, Tokyo.
Fountain Plaza, Venus Fort
Venus Fort passage way, Odaiba, Tokyo.
Venus Fort passageway

Venus Grand is on the second floor and, as the name implies, is the most awe-inspiring floor in its design, featuring Broad Avenue that takes you from the spectacular Fountain Plaza, to the Olive Plaza with its real olive trees, to the breathtaking Church Plaza. From Olive Plaza you can go to the nearby History Garage automobile museum in the nearby MegaWeb Toyota City Showcase. Shops include Tokyo's biggest Lego store, jewelry stores, restaurants and a lot of fashion stores. Near the 2F information area is a replica of the Mouth of Truth in Rome, where you put your hand in and make a wish.

Venus Outlet is on the third floor and offers a mix of youth fashion brand goods for affordable outlet prices, a Hobby Street section, watch and glasses stores, and a Dining Court with a range of cuisines available. There is also the convenient Ginoito clothing alteration service, open 11 am to 8 pm, which offers on-the-day alterations of clothing you bought that might need a little extra work for the perfect fit.


There are coin lockers where you can store personal belongings that you won't need while shopping - on all three floors of Venus Fort.
First floor lockers: outside and near the Nitori home furnishing & interior shop
Second floor lockers: near Zara and near the ATMs for Shinsei Bank and Seven Bank
Third floor lockers: near elevator no.4.

Passageway leading to Fountain Plaza, Venus Fort, Odaiba, Tokyo.
Passage to Fountain Plaza, Venus Fort


Venus Fort is open from 11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. every day.
Restaurants: 11:00 a.m - 11:00 p.m. (last order at 10:00 p.m.)


Nearest stations

The nearest stations to Venus Fort are:
Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line
Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line

It is also accessible by WaterBus to the Palette Town Station.

Quick Train Guide to Venus Fort

The following are the quickest routes to Venus Fort from Shinjuku, Akihabara, Tokyo and Shibuya stations.

From Shinjuku Station
The fastest route from Shinjuku Station to Venus Fort is:
Saikyo Line from Shinjuku to Osaki (12 minutes)
Change to Rinkai Line, to Kokusaitenjijo/Ariake (13 minutes)
Change to Yurikamome Line to Aomi (4 minutes)

From Akihabara Station
The fastest route from Akihabara Station to Venus Fort is:
Yamanote Line from Akihabara to Shimbashi (7 minutes)
Change to Yurikamome Line to Aomi (20 minutes)

From Tokyo Station
The fastest route from Tokyo Station to Venus Fort is:
Yamanote Line from Tokyo to Shimbashi (3 minutes)
Change to Yurikamome Line to Aomi (20 minutes)

From Shibuya Station
The fastest route from Shibuya Station to Venus Fort is:
Saikyo Line from Shibuya to Osaki (6 minutes)
Change to Rinkai Line to Kokusaitenjijo/Ariake (13 minutes)
Change to Yurikamome Line to Aomi (4 minutes)

From Haneda Airport
Take an airport bus bound for Palette Town Take a Keikyu Bus bound for Tokyo Big Sight and get off at Palette Town Mae bus stop

From Narita Airport
Take an airport bus bound for the Hotel Nikko Tokyo or Grand Pacific Le Daiba. The bus leaves from the 1st floor of both terminals.

Church Plaza, Venus Fort, Odaiba, Tokyo.
Church Plaza, Venus Fort


Hilton Hotel Tokyo

The Hilton Hotel Tokyo is a smartly modern, quiet and spacious hotel only a short complimentary shuttle bus ride away from Venus Fort. The Hilton Hotel Tokyo offers great views of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay, and the rooms are somewhat more generous in terms of space than is the norm in Tokyo for a hotel of this class. Access to and from the hotel into Tokyo is exceptionally easy thanks to Daiba station on the Yurikamame Line being connected to the hotel via a short covered walkway. This will take you to Shimbashi in the heart of Tokyo in only 15 minutes. The Bay Shuttle complimentary bus service operates throughout the Odaiba area from 11 am to 8 pm.

Grand Pacific Hotel Le Daiba

This massive hotel, smart and recently renovated comes with restaurants, a fitness center, an art gallery, spa, pool, massage rooms and more (although some facilities do close quite early). Rooms are comfortable and well-equipped and there are breathtaking views of Tokyo Bay from its upper floor rooms (worth asking for when reserving). The Grand Pacific is not too far from Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line so offers quite easy access to central Tokyo. Business travelers should note that the Grand Pacific Hotel Le Daiba has no business center.

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