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Tokyo Guide: Kameido

Tokyo Area Guide: Kameido 亀戸


Kameido is an area one stop east of Kinshicho on the JR Chuo-Sobu Line.

Kameido is designated part of the Kinshicho-Kameido fukutoshin (metropolitan sub-center), one of seven in the Tokyo metropolis.

Kameido Tenjinja Shrine, Tokyo.
Kameido Tenjinja Shrine with Tokyo Skytree in background

Kameido Tenjinja Shrine

Kameido Tenjinja, Kinshicho, Tokyo.

Kameido is worth visiting for its famous Kameido Tenjin Shrine.

Kameido Tenjinja is a shrine founded in the 1660s to venerate the memory of the ninth-century scholar, Sugawara no Michizane. It is equally famous, however, for its turtles, reflecting the name of the area, Kameido, or, literally, "turtle door."

Kameido Tenjinja has picturesque ponds, gardens and bridges, and is popular in spring for its beautiful wisteria, or fuji, which flowers in late April.

The famous Usokae Festival takes place at Kameido Tenjin every January 24/25.

Kameido Tenjinja Shrine is north-west of Kameido Station and north-east of Kinshicho Station - about halfway between them - on the other side of the Yokojikken River.

Watch a short YouTube video of Kameido Tenjinja Shrine:

Kameido Shopping

Kameido Atre.
Kameido Atre shopping mall

Most Kameido shopping is north of Kameido Station, with a huge range of restaurants and pubs, a Don Quijote superstore with everything from snacks to jewelry, and a branch of the trendy Atre shopping mall.
Atre Kameido is 8 floors of shopping very near the North Exit of Kameido Station, and offers a full range of goods and services, including foodstuffs, cafes, bakeries, delicatessens, florists, drug stores, men's and women's fashion (including a Uniqlo), books, fitness gyms and spas.
Atre Kameido Restaurants: 11am-11pm (last order 10.30pm)
Atre Kameido Stores: 10am-9pm
5-1-1 Kameido, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Kameido Don Quijote.
Kameido Don Quijote (at left)


Sun Street Kameido.

Sun Street Kameido is a shopping and entertainment center just south-east of Kameido Station (JR Chuo-Sobu Line & Tobu Kameido Line) across Keiyo-doro Street.

Sun Street Kameido is a modern, colorful, snazzily designed space full of restaurants, cafes and other convenient service stores, and features a large event space that, as well as a performance stage, includes various rides and attractions, for children.

Hours 10am - 9pm daily.

Along the former Sun Street Kameido's western side runs the attractive Kameido Ryokudo Koen (Kameido Green Street Park), a park in the form of a street.

Access to Kameido

Big bustling down-to-earth Kinshicho is one stop west after Kameido Station on the JR Chuo-Sobu line. There is another adjacent Kameido station on the Tobu Kameido Line, a very short line that starts at Kameido and joins with the Tobu Skytree Line a little further north.

The Fukagawa district, full of history - especially historical shrines and temples - and with a lot of beauty spots for the walker, is just south-west of Kameido.

Hotel Accommodation in Kameido

Hotel MyStays Kameido is a clean, comfortable budget hotel five minutes walk from the East Exit of Kameido Station, with good Wi-Fi and surrounded by shops and restaurants.

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