Shirokanedai Tokyo

Tokyo Guide: Shirokanedai

Tokyo Area Guide: Shirokanedai 白金台

Shirokanedai Oveview

Coffee shop of the Teian Metropolitan Art Museum, Shirokanedai.

Shirokanedai is an area in Minato ward, Tokyo, just east of JR Meguro Station.

Shirokanedai is the centered around a large former feudal, then imperial, estate, and is an area rich in history.

Shirokanedai is worth visiting mainly for the Teien Metropolitan Art Museum, the Nature Education Park, and the grounds of the Institute of Medical Science.

Shirokanedai's present-day reputation is as a home of the (idle) rich, but this affluence has not made for a town of great appeal. The main shopping street of Shirokanedai, "Platinum Street," is off Meguro-dori Street, starting from the Shirokanedai intersection by Exit 1 of Shirokanedai Subway Station. Platinum Street is attractively tree-lined and has one or two faux-historic-looking cafes, but is, like most of the Shirokanedai area, dull.

Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

While not strictly a park, the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum is on land that was once a feudal, then imperial, estate. The building in which the Tokyo Metropolitan Teian Art Museum is housed is an historical example of art deco architecture and design, inside and out, worth seeing just for itself, whatever exhibition may be on when you visit.

Between Tokyo Metropolitan Teian Art Museum and Meguro-dori Street that fronts it is a beautiful landscaped area with gardens, including a sculpture lawn, that can be enjoyed for a small fee without having to pay for entry to the Tokyo Metropolitan Teian Art Museum. Read more about the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

Teien Museum of Art Japanese teahouse.
Teien Museum of Art, Shirokanedai.

Teien Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo

Sculpture Lawn, Teien Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo; Happo-en, Shirokanedai, Tokyo

Nature Education Park, Institute of Nature Study, National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo

The Institute of Nature Study's Nature Education Park (Shizen Kyoiku En) occupies the major part of the same original land as the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum (see above), it is 20 hectares of forest that preserves the pre-modern landscape of Tokyo. Administered by the National Museum of Nature and Science, it is inner city Tokyo's biggest authentic wilderness areas. Read more about the Institute of Nature Study.

The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo

The Institute of Medical Science of the University of Tokyo was founded in 1892 as "The Institute of Infectious Diseases" with its own affiliated research hospital. The Institute of Medical Science is Japan's foremost research institute for medical life science. The campus of The Institute of Medical Science is worth a wander through for its natural beauty, and for the imposing original brick Gothic-revival-style No. 1 building. The Institute of Medical Science is accessible both from Platinum Street (through its West Gate) or Meguro-dori Street (its Main Gate) right beside Exit 2 of Shirokanedai Subway Station.

The Medical Science Museum of The Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo, is just on your left after entering the main gate.

Matsuoka Museum of Art

The Matsuoka Museum of Art is housed in a strikingly designed building built in 2000. Its collection focuses on European sculpture, from ancient to modern, Asian ceramics, Japanese painting, and modern European painting. Read more about the Matsuoka Museum of Art.

Shirokanedai Map

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Access Shirokanedai

Three train lines serve Shirokanedai: the JR Yamanote Line, with Meguro Station, and the Metro Namboku Subway line and Toei Mita Subway line both with Shirokanedai Station.

Happo-en Restaurant, Shirokanedai, Tokyo, Japan.
Happo-en Restaurant, Shirokanedai, Tokyo

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