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JapanVisitor HISTORY 2006

29 December 2006
New Year's Celebrations: Tokyo's Meiji Shrine
27 December 2006
JapanVisitor Podcast: Kyoto Priests Collecting Alms
24 December 2006
Book Review: Shibori: The Inventive Art of Japanese Shaped Resist Dyeing
23 December 2006
JapanVisitor Podcast: Yaki Imo Vendor
22 December 2006
Japanese Blood Types
20 December 2006
Osaka Castle
Enryakuji Temple
19 December 2006
Children's Book Review: The Inch-High Samurai
Gay Seoul
Japan Visitor Movies: Shinto Norito Prayer Ceremony
Japan Visitor Movies: Shinto Nusa Purification Wand
18 December 2006
JapanVisitor Podcast: Shamisen, Yasukuni Shrine
17 December 2006
JapanVisitor Podcast: Talking Escalator
JapanVisitor Podcast: Radio Calisthenics
15 December 2006
Japan Shop: Japanese Paper Lanterns - chochin
Japan Glossary of Essential Japanese Words
14 December 2006
Book Review: Storm Rider
13 December 2006
Blog: Kyoto Station
12 December 2006
Japan Visitor Contest Giveaway -- Only 3 Days left!
11 December 2006
Hotels in Japan
8 December 2006
Japan Podcast: Shinjuku Oddball
Japanese Handkerchiefs: Shibori Tie-dye
Korea Moon Handbook
7 December 2006
Japan City Guide: Himeji and Himeji Castle
Japanese Food
6 December 2006
Japan Food: the story of instant noodles
Japan Film Review: Starfish Hotel
Tobacco & Salt Museum Shibuya Tokyo
Nishi and Higashi Honganji Temples Kyoto
5 December 2006
Images of Japan: 7 new images
Japan Podcast: Keifuku Railways, Kyoto
3 December 2006
Japan Movies: Funk Rock Band at Tokyo Design Festa
2 December 2006
Images of Japan: 14 new images
Gero Onsen
30 November 2006
Japan Podcast: Railway Station Stall
Book Review: Asa Nonami's The Hunter
29 November 2006
Japan Podcast: Shinto Music at Ise Jingu
Japan Podcast: additional index page added
Japan Gifts: Children's Masks
28 November 2006
Book Review: Haruki Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
Guide to Ise and Toba Mie Prefecture
Japanese Culture: Japanese Manhole Covers 3
27 November 2006
Japan Culture: More Japanese Manhole Covers
26 November 2006
Japan Food: Raamen Noodles: the birth of a new variety
25 November 2006
Japan Podcast: the sound of geta Japanese clogs
JapanVisitor Gay/Lesbian Book Review: Male Homosexuality in Modern Japan, by Mark J. McLelland
24 November 2006
JapanVisitor Movies: Roadwork Signs in Tokyo
23 November 2006
Book Review: Eating Korean: From Barbecue To Kimchi Recipes From My Home22 November 2006
Tokyo Hotel Listing
21 November 2006
Japan Visitor Contest Giveaway
19 November 2006
Japan Travel Book Review: Wallpaper Magazine's 'Tokyo, the City at a Glance'
Gay Tokyo: new gay bar and club 'Underground'
Japan Podcast: Tokyo JR Yamanote line's "Debbie Harry"
18 November 2006
Japan Podcast: Japan Communist Party
17 November 2006
Japan Book Reviews: Photography in Japan: 1853 - 1912
15 November 2006
Japan Shop: Daruma Dolls

14 November 2006
Japan Podcast: The Laundry Pole Seller
13 November 2006
City Access from Japan's Major Airports
Atsuta Jingu Nagoya
12 November 2006
Muroji Temple, Nara: A Dragon Runs Through It, by Alan Wiren
8 November 2006
Hotels Ryokan Hostels in Kyoto
6 November 2006
Japan Area Guides: Daisen Tottori Prefecture
Kiso Valley - Magome and Tsumago
Festival Procession Tsunozu
4 November 2006
Japan City Guides: Toyohashi
Japan Movie Review: Heart Beating in the Dark
2 November 2006
Japan Movie: Wild Geese in Kashiwa
31 October 2006
Japan City Guides - Kobe: The Disaster Reduction & Human Renovation Institution
31 October 2006
Book Review: The Beautiful World 1: Kino no Tabi
Tokyo Guide: Nikolai Cathedral
30 October 2006
Hotels in Japan
27 October 2006
Japan Movie: Taiko Drums Shizuoka
Shizuoka City Guide
25 October 2006
"You Only Drink Rice": the secret of good sake
Japan Podcast: Japanese Schoolgirls
Japan Photographs: Odaiba Tokyo
24 October 2006
JapanVisitor's Annual Prize Giveaway: Byobu, books, chopsticks, happi, and more
Iwasaki-tei Gardens, Tokyo
21 October 2006
Ochanomizu & Yushima Guide
19 October 2006
Japan Podcast: Kyoto Teramachi Hip Hop
18 October 2006
Japan Shop: Festival Happi Coats

15 October 2006
Nagoya Robot Museum
Koshoji Temple Nagoya
Toyota Automobile Museum Nagoya
Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts Nagoya
14 October 2006
Secret Base Zero Bar Koenji Tokyo
13 October 2006
Body & Mind Links
Yokohama Guide
Ninnaji Temple Kyoto
Kibune Kyoto
Kurama Kyoto
Online Japanese Study Links
12 October 2006
Hotels in Japan
10 October 2006
Japan Movies: Shinobazu Lotus Pond mpeg movie uploaded
9 October 2006
Book Review: Cosplay: Catgirls and Other Critters
8 October 2006
Ueno Park Tokyo Guide
Tokyo Tower Area Guide
5 October 2006
Tokyo Sightseeing: Ginza
Tokyo Sightseeing: Shibuya
4 October 2006
Kitano Tenmangu Shrine Kyoto
3 October 2006
Flights to Japan (Chinese)
Shimogamo Shrine Kyoto
1 October 2006
Kirishima-Yaku National Park Guide
30 September 2006
Book Review: A Zen Forest: Zen Sayings
Book Review: Japan's Longest Day
29 September 2006
JapanVisitor partner site: GoodsFromJapan.com blog

28 September 2006
Japan Podcast: Street Musicians in Shinjuku, Tokyo.
26 September 2006
Japan Shop: Auction & Shipping Service From Japan

25 September 2006
Book Review: Kaiseki, Kyoto's Classic Cuisine
Book Review: The Teahouse Fire by Ellis Avery
24 September 2006
Kyoto Temple Guide: Sekizanzenin
Japan Podcast: Midsummer cicadas in Aoyama Cemetery, Minato ward, Tokyo.
22 September 2006
Japan Podcast: Kyoto Street Cleaners' Cart
Tsukuba Guide
Guide To Oita/Beppu
18 September 2006
Book Review: Sandakan Brothel No. 8 by Tomoko Yamazaki
14 September 2006
What's On in Tokyo: Spoken word artist Namaya appears at Ben's Cafe on the 24th

13 September 2006
Book Reviews: Courtyard Gardens of Kyoto's Merchant Houses
12 September 2006
Tokyo Weather
Sally's Bar & Club Kobe
Japan Store: Casio EX-word XD-F9000
11 September 2006
Japan Shop: Bonsai Trees and Clippers
29 August 2006
Interview with Author Abigail Friedman
27 August 2006
Japan Shop: Electronic Dictionaries
23 August 2006
Books On Japan: 'Japanese Martial Arts' category added
21 August 2006
Japan Book Review: Sex Secrets of an American Geisha
Sounds of Japan: Song of the Boatwoman
Sounds of Japan: Taiko Drums
20 August 2006
Zen Buddhism
Japan Shop: Buddhist Statuary
19 August 2006
Food in Japan: Takoyaki, Osaka's defining snack
18 August 2006
Book Review: Japanese for Travellers by Katie Kitamura
Yoshidaya Onsen Arifuku Shimane
17 August 2006
Japan Shop: Yukata Robes
15 August 2006
Book Review: Washoku by Elizabeth Andoh
13 August 2006
Summer Music Festivals
4 August 2006
Youssou N'Dour Interview in Tokyo
1 August 2006
Japan Book Review: The Haiku Apprentice
Kyoto Sightseeing: Ryozen Kannon
Soy Sauce
31 July 2006
Japan Book Review: Life in the Cul de Sac
Japan Movie Clip: Girls Street Dancing
30 July 2006
What's On in Tokyo & Kyoto: Tokyo Lesbian & Gay events added
28 July 2006
Japanese Book Reviews: Bamboo in Japan
Japanese Book Reviews: Children's Books
27 July 2006
Tokyo Sightseeing: Grutt Pass museums and attractions
25 July 2006
Japan Podcast: the Mushi Okuri ('insect send off') ritual
23 July 2006
Japan Shop: Paperweights
20 July 2006
Japan Book Review: "No One's Perfect" by Hirotada Ototake
17 July 2006
Japan Podcast: Gion Festival, Kyoto
Yoiyama Festival, Kyoto
16 July 2006
Japan Podcast: Mihara Kagura
15 July 2006
Japan Guide: Okinawa
14 July 2006
Japan Podcast: Batting center
13 July 2006
Japan Book Review: "Frog in the Well" by Donald Keene
11 July 2006
9 July 2006
Film Review: "Kokoyakyu: High School Baseball," by Kenneth Eng
8 July 2006
Japan Book Review: "Language, Ideology and Japanese History Textbooks" by Christopher Barnard
7 July 2006
Japan Movies: Street Dance
1 July 2006
Japanese History: The History of Japanese Emigration
30 June 2006
Budget Accommodation in Tokyo
29 June 2006
Book Review - Gay & Lesbian: The Utopia Guide to Japan, Korea & Taiwan
28 June 2006
Goods From Japan: goza floor mats
27 June 2006
Japan Podcast: Chindonya performing troupe in Shinjuku, Tokyo
Book Hostels and Cheap Accommodation in Japan
25 June 2006
Japan Podcast: Buddhist memorial service for the dead
24 June 2006
Japan Podcast: Bike Parking Lot Machine
23 June 2006
The Oki Islands
20 June 2006
Book Review: Letters from the End of the World
Book Review: Tokyo Fragments
Book Review: Tokyo Zodiac Murders
19 June 2006
Books On Japan: 'Japan Gay & Lesbian' category added
18 June 2006
Japanese Language - Book Review: Kodansha's Communicative English-Japanese Dictionary
16 June 2006
Interview with the kabuki actor Ebizo Ichikawa XI
15 June 2006
Images of Kibune in Northern Kyoto
13 June 2006
Book Review - Hojoki
Book Review - Simmering Away
12 June 2006
Japan City Guide - Yume no Shima Park, Tokyo
11 June 2006
Japan City Guide - Kamakura
Book Review - Tokyo Cancelled
10 June 2006
Capital tea: the story of tea in Japan
9 June 2006
Where To Watch World Cup Soccer in Kobe Japan
8 June 2006
Japan World Cup Soccer Update
7 June 2006
Japan: Facts, Statistics, and Trivia Vol. 4
6 June 2006
Japan City Guide: Nara - updated.
5 June 2006
Japan Podcast: Hie Shrine bell, Tokyo.
Japan Movie: Sanja Matsuri, Asakusa, Tokyo
3 June 2006
Japanese Culture: Japanese lacquerware, or urushi
2 June 2006
Japan Movie Review: Tony Takitani
30 May 2006
Images of Seoul South Korea
27 May 2006
Tokyo City Guide: Yume no Shima Park, Koto ward, Tokyo
26 May 2006
Shop: Japanese Baseball Caps
Japanese Game Centers
25 May 2006
24 May 2006
Shop: Maneki Neko
23 May 2006
Blog: Sanja Matsuri Asakusa, Tokyo
20 May 2006
Podcast: The Bells of Myoshinji, Kyoto
18 May 2006
Book Review: Japan's International Relations: Politics, Economics and Security
Book Review: The International Politics of the Asia-Pacific
Book Review: Japan's Quiet Transformation
16 May 2006
Japan's Outcastes
15 May 2006
World Cup 2006: Zico Announces the Japan Squad that will Travel to Germany
13 May 2006
Book Review: Loving the Machine
Kirin Beer: the Japanese beer with a Scandanavian twist
12 May 2006
Shisendo Temple, Kyoto
11 May 2006
Japan History: the Kamakura Period 1192-1333 - the latest installment in JapanVisitor's guide to Japanese history.
8 May 2006
Japan City Guide: Tokyo's Akihabara district: more than just electronics
Japanese Manhole Covers
5 May 2006
Blog: Tsukuba - Science City
2 May 2006
Book Review: The Flowering Spirit
Blog: Eating in Osaka and Kyoto
1 May 2006
Book Review: The Japanese Art of Sword Polishing
Mobile phone (keitai) use in Japan
30 April 2006
Japan Shop: GoodsFromJapan.com Debuts with a Brand New Look
Sounds of the real Japan: with JapanVisitor's all new Japan Podcast
29 April 2006
Counting in Japanese: the Japanese numbering system explained.
27 April 2006
World Cup 2006: Japanese Team Profile
24 April 2006
Book Review: Japan by photographer Hiroji Kubota
Book Review: How To Sound Intelligent in Japanese
Book Review: Sokaiya
Book Review: The Book of Sushi
Nachi Falls Wakayama
23 April 2006
Area Guide to Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture
Popular New Japanese Words 2006
22 April 2006
World Baseball Classic
21 April 2006
Bringing Home the Bounty: the Japanese gods Ebisu and Daikoku
Japan Book Review: Japan, a View from the Bath
20 April 2006
Blog: Nijo Castle Kyoto
18 April 2006
Introducing Dozo & Domo Cartoon Strip
16 April 2006
On the Wings of Peace: An Ex-Kamikaze Pilot Creates a New World
15 April 2006
Book Review: Country of Origin by Don Lee
Japanese Embassies & Consulates Overseas
14 April 2006
Cheap Flights To Japan
New Images of Japan by Jake Davies
13 April 2006
Japan Shop: Fans, Byobu, and Hi-Tech items
9 April 2006
Japanese J.League Soccer Preview
8 April 2006
Book Review: The Tattoo Murder Case by Akimitsu Takagi
7 April 2006
Japan Area & City Dialing Codes
6 April 2006
Guide To Nagasaki
5 April 2006
The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To Japan
1 April 2006
Shichi Go San Festival
31 March 2006
An Introduction to Japanese Crime Fiction - Matsumoto Seicho, Kirino Natsuo, Miyuki Miyabe, Akimitsu Takagi etc
30 March 2006
Blog: Japan in New York
29 March 2006
Book Review: 69 by Ryu Murakami
28 March 2006
Katsuouji Temple
Yokohama Guide
27 March 2006
Books on Japanese history
26 March 2006
Japanese Baseball - An introduction
25 March 2006
Temples and Shrines in Kyoto
24 March 2006
Advertise your mobile/ cell phone business
Book Review: Honeymoon To Nowhere by Akimitsu Takagi
23 March 2006
Book Review: Jrock, Ink. A Concise Report on 40 of the Biggest Rock Acts in Japan
22 March 2006
Bars, Restaurants & Clubs in Nagoya and Gifu
21 March 2006
City Guide to Hiroshima
20 March 2006
City Guide to Kyoto
15 March 2006
Book Hotels in Japan Online in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Other Major Cities and Tourist Spots
10 March 2006
Photos by Jake Davies
8 March 2006
Hina Matsuri
7 March 2006
Book Review: The Seitai Method
4 March 2006
How to Hit Ni-Chome: a guide to Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Tokyo's gay town
1 March 2006
Essence and Accents from the Sea: Seaweed in the Japanese Diet
Japan Shop: Fans, Byobu, and Hi-Tech items
28 February 2006
Book Review: The Way of Taiko
27 February 2006
Machiya: Revival of Kyoto's Traditional Townhouses
24 February 2006
Book Review: Traditional Japanese Music & Musical Instruments
Movie Review: Memoirs of A Geisha
23 February 2006
Japan Soccer Update
22 February 2006
Japan Festival Calendar - February: The Nagasaki Lantern Festival
20 February 2006
International Exchange Centers
Book Review: New Bar and Club Design
17 February 2006
Japan Links - International Schools
Ski resorts in Japan - Nagano, Niigata, Hokkaido
15 February 2006
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Covent Garden - Osaka's Happening Pub
14 February 2006
Guide to Sakurajima: in Kagoshima; one of the world's most active volcanos
Valentines Day in Japan
8 February 2006
Film Review - Memoirs of a Geisha
5 February 2006
Ferry Travel in Japan.
4 February 2006
Japan Visitor's Gay/Lesbian map to Shinjuku Ni-Chome, Tokyo.
3 February 2006
Shodoshima: Japan's Olive Oil Island
1 February 2006
Book Review: Japan's Cultural Code Words
30 January 2006
Korea Travel: Hotels in Seoul, Busan, Jeju
28 January 2006
Japan Travel: What's On in Tokyo & Kyoto
14 January 2006
Book Review: Court & Bakufu in Japan: Essays in Kamakura History
Book Review: Kuhaku & Other Accounts From Japan
11 January 2006
Aichi Expo 2006: Interview with Mike Pattison, Project Manager of New Zealand's Pavilion
6 January 2006
Aichi Expo News Update
4 January 2006
Book Hotels in Japan Online in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Other Major Cities and Tourist Spots
3 January 2006
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Casablanca, Moroccan Restaurant, Nagoya
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: My Bar - New Bar in Sakae, Nagoya
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Marky's - International Bar in Takaoka, Nagoya
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: The 59's - American-style Bar in Sakae, Nagoya
2 January 2006
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Leon - Latin Bar/Club in Gifu
Goods From Japan - 2006 Kagura Calendars
Film Review: Fear & Trembling
Film Review: The Fog Of War
Japanese Baseball: Japanese players in the US
Japanese Festivals: Yabusame - Horseback Archery
Gambling & Betting in Japan: Horse racing, Pachinko etc
Gay Japan - The Gay/Lesbian Experience
1 January 2006
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Gifu
National Holidays in Japan

Books on Japan