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JapanVisitor HISTORY 2007

30 December 2007
Sounds of Japan Podcast: Electronics Store
29 December 2007
Japan City Guides: Omi Hachiman
28 December 2007
Book Review: Midori by Moonlight
24 December 2007
Japanese Culture: Kyoto's Nishijin Textile Centre
23 December 2007
Japan City Guides: Hamada Shimane
21 December 2007
Sounds of Japan Podcast: Department Store Elevator Operator
18 December 2007
Last Minute Christmas Shopping: Japan Shop
15 December 2007
Japan Movie: Obimai Dance Shimane
12 December 2007
Kyoto's Jidai Matsuri, the Festival of the Ages
6 December 2007
Katsura Imperial Villa
5 December 2007
Japan Parks & Gardens: Hibiya Park, Tokyo
Kenichi Iwamoto: Translator to Trey Hillman
30 November 2007
Gay & Lesbian Japan: The Battle for AIDS Prevention
29 November 2007
December Festivals
27 November 2007
Japan Shop
25 November 2007
Fall Colors: Kyoto's Nanzenji Temple
23 November 2007
Book Review: Yukio Mishima's Sun and Steel
22 November 2007
Images of Japan: Japanese Bride
21 November 2007
Japanese Buddhism - History Sects Temples
18 November 2007
Sounds of Japan Podcast: Howling for Blood
16 November 2007
Ferry Travel in Japan
15 November 2007
Famous Japanese: Ryuichi Sakamoto
14 November 2007
Famous Japanese: Minoru Mori 1934-
12 November 2007
Famous Japanese: Osamu Dazai 1909-1948
11 November 2007
Book Review - Washoku: Recipes From the Japanese Home Kitchen
9 November 2007
Japan Travel Guides - Kakunodate
8 November 2007
Bejing Travel Guide - Beijing Visitor
7 November 2007
Famous Japanese: Yoko Ono
6 November 2007
Shugakuin Imperial Villa
Famous Japanese: Ayumi Hamasaki
Famous Japanese: Yayoi Kusama
5 November 2007
Famous Japanese: Soichiro Honda
4 November 2007
Gay & Lesbian Japan: Osaka PLuS+ event 2007 combats stigmatization of HIV/AIDS
3 November 2007
Gay & Lesbian Japan: Kansai Rainbow Parade 2007
30 October 2007
Japanese Gift Giving
Tokyo Serviced Apartments
28 October 2007
Japan Festival Sounds - Crowd Control at Kyoto's Fire Festival
Japan City Guides
27 October 2007
Japan City guides: Masuda
21 October 2007
Japan News On RSS
13 October 2007
Tsuwano Yabusame Festival Shimane Prefecture
6 October 2007
Book Review: Tsukiji: The Fish Market At The Center Of The World
30 September 2007
Interview: Photographer Barbara Flatten
29 September 2007
Tokyo Parks and Gardens
Tokyo Attractions: index updated
28 September 2007
Japanese Music Festivals: Yutaka Fukuoka & Yen Calling
26 September 2007
Japanese Manhole Covers X
22 September 2007
Book Review: Tokyo Encounter
21 September 2007
Shizuoka Restaurants
18 September 2007
Climbing Mount Fuji
13 September 2007
Japan Shop
11 September 2007
Famous Japanese: Shohei Imamura
Japan City Guides: Hiraizumi
Japan Interviews
10 September 2007
Gay & Lesbian Japan: Book Review: Queer Voices from Japan: First-Person Narratives from Japan's Sexual Minorities
8 September 2007
Japan Movies: Parasol Antics
7 September 2007
Book Review: Woman on the Other Shore by Mitsuyo Kakuta
6 September 2007
Japan City Guides: Sendai
Japan City Guides: Matsushima
4 September 2007
Japan Prefectures Map
1 September 2007
Famous Japanese: Hayao Miyazaki
31 August 2007
Japanese Culture: Danjiri Festival
27 August 2007
Japan Travel: Central Honshu Map
26 August 2007
Japan Movies: Tokyo's Jingu Gaien Fireworks Festival
25 August 2007
Japan Movie Review: Porco Rosso
Japan Movie Review: The Castle of Cagliostro
Japan Movie Review: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
21 August 2007
Japan City Guides: Inuyama
18 August 2007
Japan Travel Books: Travelers' Tales: Japan
Japan Travel: Kanto Guide
16 August 2007
Famous Japanese: Konosuke Matsushita
Japan City Guides: Toyama
12 August 2007
Japan Movies: Gay Japan: Tokyo Pride Parade '07
11 August 2007
Japan Anime Review: Tales From Earthsea by Goro Miyazaki
Japan Anime Review: Grave of the Fireflies by Isao Takahata
Japan City Guides: Toi
Daidogei Street Performance Festival
10 August 2007
Japan City Guides: Iwakuni
Manga Review: Battle Angel Alita: Vols 5-9
Daidogei Street Performance Festival
Japan Movie Review: My Neighbor Totoro
9 August 2007
Japan Movie Review: Throne of Blood by Akira Kurosawa
Teaching in Japan: JET Program
8 August 2007
Japan Translation Service: NEW! Quality Japanese-English translation services
7 August 2007
Japan Festivals: Kuromatsu Matsuri
6 August 2007
Japan City Guides: Iga-Ueno
4 August 2007
Japan City Guides: Takayama Guide
Japan City Guides: Hida Furukawa
3 August 2007
Japan Travel: Kyushu & Okinawa Guide
30 July 2007
Japan Travel: Kii Peninsula Guide
29 July 2007
Japan Festival Sounds - Owari Tsushima Tenno Festival
Japan Travel: Kansai Guide
Japan Festival Images - Kuromatsu Festival Shimane
28 July 2007
Japan Fiction - Fujirama: Chapter 7: "Passing Reflections"
27 July 2007
Japan Travel: Hokkaido Guide
Japan Travel: Chubu Guide
Japan Personals
26 July 2007
Japan Images: Art On Naoshima Island
Japan Travel: Prefectures & Regions
25 July 2007
Japan Festivals: Anjin Festival in Ito Shizuoka
Manga Review: Battle Angel Alita Vols 2-4
22 July 2007
Japan Culture: 'Cosplay' - the cult of costume play images
Japan Culture: Match-making & Arranged Marriages
Japan Culture: Japanese Weddings
Japan Fiction - Fujirama: Chapter 6 "Yamato Lodge"
22 July 2007
Japan Culture: 'Cosplay' - the cult of costume play
19 July 2007
Japan Movie Review: Ran
18 July 2007
Travel Guide: QatarVisitor
17 July 2007
GLBT Japan: "I Want to Be Myself": Perspectives on Japan's Transgender Community
12 July 2007
Japan Fiction - Fujirama: Chapter 5 "So Sorry"
Book Review: Enduring Identities: The Guise of Shinto in Contemporary Japan
8 July 2007
Japan Fiction - Fujirama: Chapter 4 "Training for Life"
7 July 2007
Japanese Anime Review: Castle in the Sky
Japanese Anime Review: Tokyo Godfathers
Japanese Manga Review: Battle Angel Alita
Japan City Guides: Dazaifu in Kyushu
Japan City Guides: Kumamoto Kyushu
6 July 2007
Gay & Lesbian Japan: Kansai Queer Film Festival 2007
4 July 2007
Famous Japanese: Yukio Mishima
3 July 2007
Japan Books: Gay/Lesbian: Queer Japan from the Pacific War to the Internet Age
2 July 2007
Japan Blog: Kansai International Film Festival
29 June 2007
Japan Culture - Purikura
28 June 2007
Japan Fiction - Fujirama: Chapter 3 "Man's World"
27 June 2007
Culture Shock: Getting Past the Zen and the Kimono
Book Review: RackGaki by Ryo Sanada & Suridh Hassan
25 June 2007
Kyoto Attractions: Kamigamo Shrine
Kyoto Attractions: Shimogamo Shrine
23 June 2007
Book Review: Ronin by Frank Miller
Japan Movie Review: Yojimbo
22 June 2007
Famous Japanese: Hidetoshi Nakata
21 June 2007
Japan Fiction - Fujirama: Chapter 2 "Broken Dreams"
Famous Japanese: Junichiro Koizumi
20 June 2007
Famous Japanese: Akira Kurosawa
19 June 2007
Famous Japanese: Ichiro Suzuki
Anime Review: Cyber City Oedo 808
18 June 2007
Famous Japanese: Toru Takemitsu
17 June 2007
Japan City Guides - Gifu
Famous Foreigners in Japan: William Adams
15 June 2007
Japan Movies - Black Rain - Directed By Ridley Scott
12 June 2007
Japan Fiction - Fujirama: Chapter 1 "Pink Dawn"
8 June 2007
Japan Podcast: Listen to a recording outside a cafe near Kyoto's Ryoanji Temple
3 June 2007
Japan Images: Slideshow of Shinjuku skyscraper scenery
2 June 2007
Japan Travel: Banks, Bank Accounts & ATMs
1 June 2007
Japan Book Reviews: Selling Songs And Smiles: The Sex Trade in Heian And Kamakura Japan
27 May 2007
Japanese Beer: A History of Beer in Japan
Japan Manhole Covers #8
26 May 2007
Japan Guides: Hiking Guide to Kamikochi
23 May 2007
Japan Sport: Sumo An Overview
22 May 2007
Japan Area Guide: Oze National Park Area
19 May 2007
Japan Area Guide: Naoshima Island
18 May 2007
Al fresco Dining in Kyoto: Kawadoko Decks along the Kamogawa River
16 May 2007
Japan Festivals: Tanabata
Japan City Guide: Kurashiki
Images of Osaka
Images of Japanese Shrines
Images of Japanese Temples
14 May 2007
Japan Language: Online Dictionary Reviews
13 May 2007
Japan Shop: Tsurutaro Kataoka Koinobori Carp Streamers
11 May 2007
Surgery in Japan
9 May 2007
Japan Books: Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangster's Daughter
8 May 2007
Japan Podcast: listen to a sound ornament at Kyoto's Eikando Temple
5 May 2007
Images of Tokyo
City Guide: Atami
4 May 2007
Japan Images: Shimane Prefecture
3 May 2007
Japan Books: Warriors of Art: A Guide to Contemporary Japanese Artists
2 May 2007
Japan Shop: Handmade Fans from Kyoto
28 April 2007
Japan Culture: Underwear Theft
Japan Travel: Japanese Railways
Okayama International Villas
26 April 2007
Japan Books: Gay/Lesbian: In the Company of Men
Chishakuin Temple Kyoto
25 April 2007
Japan Film Review: The Laborer
Japan City Guides: Kyoto Museums
24 April 2007
Japan Shop: Scale Wooden Models of Japanese Temples
23 April 2007
Japan Books: The Book of Sake
21 April 2007
Japan Store: Handmade Fans from Kyoto
17 April 2007
Japan Podcast: Buddhist Chant
14 April 2007
Japan City Guides: Kanazawa
13 April 2007
Japan Books: The Japanese Disease: Sex & Sleaze in Modern Japan
11 April 2007
Japan Food: Soba Dojo
10 April 2007
Japan Book Review: Yuko Taniguchi's The Ocean in the Closet
9 April 2007
Japan Store: Happi Coats
7 April 2007
Japan City Guide: Okayama
4 April 2007
Japan City Guide: Yanagawa
1 April 2007
Japan Movies: Kanamara Phallus Festival
30 March 2007
Japan Books: Subway Guide to Tokyo
29 March 2007
Japan Travel: Immigration Offices - updated
27 March 2007
Japan City Guides: Tokyo: Ryogoku
Japan Movies: Eko-In Temple, Ryogoku, Tokyo
26 March 2007
Japan Sport: Ice Hockey
26 March 2007
Japan Podcasts: Sumo Song
22 March 2007
Japan Manhole covers #7
21 March 2007
Japan Travel: Travel in Japan: updated with new Pasmo card information
19 March 2007
Japan Manhole Covers: Manholes #6
15 March 2007
Japan Movies: Tagata Jinja Hounen Festival
Travel: Air Travel to Japan - Air Tickets, Flights, International Routes
14 March 2007
Japan Movies: Temple Smoke
Japan Movies: Shinto Car Blessing Ceremony
13 March 2007
Book Review: Classic Japanese Inns & Country Getaways
Japan Shop: Shibori Table Cloths
12 March 2007
Tokyo Museums & Art Galleries
11 March 2007
Tenryuji Temple Kyoto
Tokyo Guide: Fukagawa
Niigata Bars & Restaurants - Immigrants Med
Gujo Hachiman
Yasukuni Shrine
9 March 2007
Japan City Guide: Fukui: Echizen Pottery Village
8 March 2007
Japan Movies: Konomiya Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Festival)
7 March 2007
Movie Review: Letters From Iwo Jima
6 March 2007
Nara City Guide: Edosan Ryokan
28 February 2007
Book Review: Waiting on the Weather: Making Movies with Akira Kurosawa
27 February 2007
Nagoya Agricultural Center
26 February 2007
Niigata Bars & Restaurants - Lone Star
23 February 2007
Koban - Japan's Police Boxes
Konbini - Convenience Stores
Korea Guide: Pyeongchang
22 February 2007
Tokyo's Meiji Shrine
20 February 2007
National Art Center Tokyo
Osaka Loop Line
Japan Blog: Osaka Love Hotels
16 February 2007
Japan Travel: Wakayama Marina City
Japan Culture: Kansai - A Breed Apart
Japan Blog: National Art Center
15 February 2007
Kyoto Sightseeing: Sekizanzenin Temple
14 February 2007
Kyoto Sightseeing: Yasaka Jinja
Japan Images: Hagi Yamaguchi Prefecture
Asian Gourmet Food
Japan Shop: Japanese Watches
13 February 2007
Technology: Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3)
12 February 2007
Kyoto Sightseeing: Takaragaike
Koyasan Guide
Kyoto Sightseeing: Philosopher's Walk
11 February 2007
Japan Movies: The right wing blasts Tokyo on National Foundation Day
Byodoin Temple Uji Kyoto
Daikakuji Temple Kyoto
Daitokuji Temple Kyoto
Ginkakuji Temple Kyoto
Honen-in Temple Kyoto
Kinkakuji Temple Kyoto
Myomanji Temple Kyoto
Nanzenji Temple Kyoto
Ninnanji Temple Kyoto
Nishi & Higashi Honganji Temples Kyoto
Ryoanji Temple Kyoto
Saihoji Temple Kyoto
Sanjusangendo Temple Kyoto
Tofukuji Temple Kyoto
Toji Temple Kyoto
Tojiin Temple Kyoto
9 February 2007
Temples & Shrines: Japan Listing
Japan Travel: Shinkansen
8 February 2007
Book Review: Border Town
7 February 2007
Japan Restaurants: Newari Kitchen Nepali Restaurant
Zainichi Koreans in Japan
Jishu Shrine Kyoto
6 February 2007
Japan Movies: Shinto Offerings Ceremony II
Gundam Exhibit at Kyoto International Manga Museum
5 February 2007
Hiroshima Guide: Peace Park & Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Japan Podcast: Hiroshima's Mobilized Students' Memorial
4 February 2007
Nagoya Guide: Kasadera Temple
3 February 2007
Japanese Manhole Covers #5
Japanese History: Ee janai ka
Japanese History: The Battle of Fushima Toba 1868
Book Review: Genders, Transgenders and Sexualities in Japan
2 February 2007
Japanese Language Schools - List your Language School
31 January 2007
Japanese Bamboo Flutes - Listen to the sound of a Japanese flute
Japan Blog: Yamanote Line Tokyo
30 January 2007
Kyoto's Myoshinji Zen Temple
26 January 2007
Japan Blog: Narita Express
Japan Personals
Japanese Newspapers
Japan Travel: Airport Access
Tokyo Guide: Tokyo Tower
25 January 2007
Japan Photographs: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Ise Jingu
Japan Phone Rental: MyJapanPhone
Time Differences Tokyo & The Rest of the World
24 January 2007
Japan Shop: Koinobori (Carp Streamers)
Japan Blog: Penis Shrine
22 January 2007
Sounds of Japan: Nintendo DS Tamagotchi
Japanese History: Lafcadio Hearn
Tokyo Subway Museum
18 January 2007
Book Review: Haruki Murakami's Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
Japan Shop: Japanese Watches
Japan Shop: USB Memory Sticks
15 January 2007
Japan Travel: Ski Resorts Near Tokyo
14 January 2007
Japanese Festivals: January Matsuri Listing
13 January 2007
Japan Shop: Japanese Tea Sets
Japan Shop: Maneki Neko Beckoning Cats
Japan Shop: Kendama
Japan Shop: Koinobori Carp Streamers
12 January 2007
Guide to The Ryukyu Islands
11 January 2007
Drinking in Japan
10 January 2007
Korea Guide: Gyeongju
9 January 2007
Korea Guide: Busan
8 January 2007
Site of Reversible Destiny Yoro Park Gifu
Japan Visas Re-entry Permits
7 January 2007
Goods From Japan: goza floor mats
4 January 2007
Our Sister Guide - IranVisitor
Blog: Gamagori
Blog: Tado Shrine
3 January 2007
Book Review: Singing Shijimi Clams
2 January 2007
Culture: Japanese Manhole Covers
Seoul City Guide
1 January 2007
Blog: Japan This Week
Book Hotels in Japan Online in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Other Major Cities and Tourist Spots
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Casablanca, Moroccan Restaurant, Nagoya
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: My Bar - New Bar in Sakae, Nagoya
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: The 59's - American-style Bar in Sakae, Nagoya
Korea: UNESCO World Heritage Sites
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Tropicana - Latin Bar in Sakae, Nagoya
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Leon - Latin Bar/Club in Gifu
Goods From Japan - 2007 Kagura Calendars
Film Review: Fear & Trembling
Film Review: The Fog Of War
Japanese Baseball: Japanese players in the US
Japanese Festivals: Yabusame - Horseback Archery
Gambling & Betting in Japan: Horse racing, Pachinko etc
Gay Japan - The Gay/Lesbian Experience
Bars/Restaurants in Japan: Gifu
National Holidays in Japan

Books on Japan