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JapanVisitor HISTORY 2008

31 December 2008
Kyoto District Guides: Higashiyama
Kyoto District Guides: Gosho Imperial Palace
Gay Korea
Manshuin Temple
29 December 2008
Kyoto District Guides
Embassies in Tokyo: Photos added for Algeria
28 December 2008
Tokyo Area Guides: Kagurazaka
Embassies in Tokyo: Photos added for Kyrgyz and Sudan
27 December 2008
Stay in a Kyoto Temple
JapanVisitor Newsletter: Sign Up Form
26 December 2008
Japanese Place Names
23 December 2008
Japan Books: Modern Japanese Thought
Embassies in Tokyo: Photos added for Tajikistan Kenya
22 December 2008
Hakuba Ski Resort
21 December 2008
Embassies in Tokyo: Photos added for Belize Bolivia
13 December 2008
Interview: Ransui Yakata, master calligrapher and suiboku watercolor artist
Book Review: Rough Guide To Japan (4th Edition)
12 December 2008
Yamaguchi-gumi: Japan's Largest Crime Organization
6 December 2008
Kokura Castle
6 December 2008
Kyoto: Gion
1 December 2008
Kyoto: Philosopher's Walk
North Korea: Pyongyang I
North Korea: Pyongyang II
28 November 2008
Chopsticks in Japan
27 November 2008
Yakuza: The Japanese Mob
26 November 2008
Kyoto Moss
25 November 2008
Yasukuni, The War Dead and the Struggle for Japan's Past
18 November 2008
Tokyo Facts
17 November 2008
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Tokyo Disneyland
15 November 2008
Korea: Images of Korea
12 November 2008
Tokyo: Tokyo Earthquake Disaster
11 November 2008
Korea: Seoul Taxis
Korea: Seoul Buses
Kyoto Hotel
10 November 2008
Tokyo Zoo
Gyeongbokgung Palace Seoul
Itaewon Seoul
Insa-dong Seoul
Seoul Subway
8 November 2008
Japan Shop: Oozora Kendama
6 November 2008
Book Review: Living Abroad in Japan
Movie Review: The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
Japanese History: The Great Kanto (Tokyo) Earthquake, 1923
4 November 2008
Seoul Station
Yongsan Station
KTX Trains
3 November 2008
Kyoto Hostels & Budget Hotels
Nihon Minka-en
2 November 2008
Kyoto University
1 November 2008
Hinomaru Flag
30 October 2008
Tokyo Area Guide: Okubo
Book Review: Blue-eyed Salaryman
Tokyo University
Tokyo Bars & Restaurants: Cho-Tari
27 October 2008
Kyoto Protocol COP3
17 October 2008
Ginza Kokusai Hotel Tokyo
Western Food in Japan
14 October 2008
Japan Book Reviews: The Akiba
10 October 2008
Japan Book Reviews: Shutting Out The Sun
5 October 2008
Tokyo Area Guide: Ikebukuro
Arimatsu Festival Video
International Schools In Japan
Japan Video: Meitetsu Trains
29 September 2008
Japan Stations: Umeda Station Osaka
27 September 2008
Japan Stations: Hankyu Shijo Kawaramachi
26 September 2008
Japanese Word of the Day
Korean Word of the Day
23 September 2008
Kyoto Sanjo Keihan Station
21 September 2008
Japan Maps
Map of Tokyo
Map of Kyoto
Map of Osaka
Map of Nagoya
Map of Fukuoka
20 September 2008
Japan Guides: Obuse
19 September 2008
Japan Podcast: Talking Computer in Tokyo
17 September 2008
Japan's Traditional Food Styles
16 September 2008
Matsushiro City Guide
15 September 2008
Nagano City Guide
11 September 2008
Otabi Festival Komatsu
9 September 2008
8 September 2008
Zenkoji Temple
Tokyo Area Guides
3 September 2008
Japan Podcast: Girls Singing at Yoiyama Festival in Kyoto
1 September 2008
Japanese Castles: Kakegawa Castle
31 August 2008
Cherry Blossom Viewing In Tokyo
Types Of Insurance
Japanese Gardens: Urakuen
Types Of Japanese Gardens
Tokyo Day Out
30 August 2008
Japan Podcast: Buddhist Chanting in Kyoto
25 August 2008
Tokyo City Guide: Koenji
23 August 2008
Japan Museums: Tokyo Metropolitan Water Science Museum
19 August 2008
Japan Book Review: The Devil's Whisper
11 August 2008
Yokohama City Guide: new photos
21 July 2008
Tokyo Guide: Azabu
19 July 2008
Japan Guides: Morioka
Japan Castles: Shiroishi Castle
18 July 2008
Japan Castles: Edo Castle
Rera Cise: Ainu Restaurant
17 July 2008
Japan Book Review: Mount One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each a translation of the Ogura Hyakunin Isshu
Fushimi Castle
Kyoto Area Guides: Fushimi
14 July 2008
Tokyo Area Guides: Mount Takao
Tokyo City Guides: Aoyama
Tokyo City Guides: Ginza
4 July 2008
Kyoto Temples & Shrines: Shisendo Hermitage
26 June 2008
Kyoto Temples & Shrines: Enkoji Temple
25 June 2008
Japan Maps: Shikoku
23 June 2008
Tokyo Stations: Shinjuku Station
22 June 2008
Tokyo Museums: Tokyo Water Science Museum
Tokyo Museums: Suntory Museum of Art
20 June 2008
Japanese Food: Sasebo Burgers
Shibuya Station
Namba Stations
18 June 2008
Japanese Food: Shirouo
17 June 2008
Japan Movies: Yomogi Mochi
Japanese Culture: Eating Whale In Shimonoseki
16 June 2008
Korean Culture: Eating Dog
Korea Guide: Pusan Fish Market
10 June 2008
Japan City Guides: Matsumoto
8 June 2008
Japanese Goods: Summer Fans
7 June 2008
Japan City Guides: Takamatsu
6 June 2008
Japan City Guides: Matsuyama
4 June 2008
Kyoto Area Guide: Shirakawa Dori
2 June 2008
Japan's Major Stations
1 June 2008
Japan City Guides: Kochi
30 May 2008
Japan City Guides: Tokushima
29 May 2008
Japan Transport: Osaka Subway System
28 May 2008
Japan Transport: Kyoto Subway System
26 May 2008
Japan City Guides: Matsusaka
Tokyo Area Guides: Kichijoji
25 May 2008
Japanese Castles: Matsusaka Castle
23 May 2008
Japan Transport: Tokyo Subway System
Japan Transport: Japanese Taxi Crests
22 May 2008
Japan Transport: Nagoya Subway System
21 May 2008
Kyoto Area Guide: Pontocho
20 May 2008
Wakayama guide
19 May 2008
Japan Transport: Subway Systems
17 May 2008
Japan Guides: Kawagoe
16 May 2008
Japan Museums: Railway Museum
13 May 2008
Japan Transport: Highway Buses
Japan Public Transport
12 May 2008
Japan Transport: City Buses
Kyoto Temples: Sekizanzen-in
9 May 2008
Japan Railway Stations: Ikebukuro Station
9 May 2008
Japan Railway Stations: Ueno Station
Tokyo Area Guides: Tsukiji
Tokyo Area Guides: Shinjuku
Japan Gardens: Kenrokuen
6 May 2008
Japan Guides: Oboke Gorge
29 April 2008
Japan Videos: Tanuki
Japan Travel: Taxis
27 April 2008
Gay Japan: Interview with owner of Tokyo gay bar, Usagi
25 April 2008
Kyoto Museums: Museum of Kyoto
Kyoto Museums: National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto
Kyoto Museums: Hosomi Museum
Kyoto Museums: Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art
22 April 2008
Tokyo Museums
Tokyo Museums: Yushukan War Memorial Museum
Tokyo Museums: Tokyo Teien Metropolitan Museum
Tokyo Museums: Tobacco and Salt Museum
Tokyo Museums: National Museum of Nature and Science Tokyo
Tokyo Museums: National Museum Of Modern Art
Tokyo Museums: National Museum
Tokyo Museums: Tobacco and Salt Museum
Tokyo Museums: Crafts Gallery
Tokyo Museums: Subway Museum
Tokyo Museums: Yushukan War Memorial Museum
Hama Rikyu Gardens
Suggested 2-day Tokyo Tour
Japanese Gardens: Kenrokuen Garden
18 April 2008
Japan Event Space: Plastic Factory
16 April 2008
Japan Clubs: STEPS Nagoya
6 April 2008
Japan Castles: Marugame Castle
Japan Castles: Matsuyama Castle
Japan Castles: Wakayama Castle
Japan Castles: Kochi Castle
Japan Castles: Takamatsu Castle
3 April 2008
Japan Book Review: Inside Game Design
27 March 2008
Japanese Language: Romaji
Japanese Language: Hiragana
Japanese Language: Katakana
Japanese Language: Kanji
26 March 2008
Ueno Castle
25 March 2008
Japan Railway Stations: Kyoto Station
Japan Railway Stations: Kanayama Station
Japan Railway Stations: Nijo Station
Kiyosu Castle
Kanazawa Castle
24 March 2008
Japan Railway Stations: Nagoya Station
Japan Railway Stations: Tokyo Station
20 March 2008
Japan Images: Tsunoshima
Images of Japanese People
14 March 2008
Japan Movie Review: The Cat Returns
Japan Movie Review: Tokyo Ga
10 March 2008
Japan City Guides: Tsuwano
7 March 2008
Japan Book Review: Osaka Heat
3 March 2008
Nagoya Bars & Restaurants: TPIN Tapas Bar
1 March 2008
Japan Movie Review: Sonatine
Matsumoto Castle
Hikone Castle
Nagahama Castle
Nijo Castle
28 February 2008
Japan Movie Review: Princess Mononoke
26 February 2008
Japan Temples: Ichibata Yakushi Temple
Images Of Japan: Ichibata Yakushi Buddhas
23 February 2008
Japan Book Reviews: Japan Through The Looking Glass
18 February 2008
Japan Movie Reviews: Afro Samurai
17 February 2008
Japan Shinto Shrines: Fukutoku Inari
16 February 2008
Japan Movie Reviews: Empire of the Sun
Japan Movie Reviews: My Neighbors The Yamadas
14 February 2008
Japan Books: Michelin Guide 2008 Tokyo
Japan Trains: JR Kisuki Line
6 February 2008
Japan Travel: Kansai Towers - Kobe Port Tower, Tsutenkaku & Kyoto Tower
4 February 2008
Japanese History: Azuchi-Momoyama Period, 1568-1603
JapanVisitor Blog: Maiko in Kyoto's Yasaka Shrine
3 February 2008
Japan Shrines: Matsuo Taisha
Japan Shrine Images: Matsuo Taisha
31 January 2008
Japanese History: Muromachi Period, 1336-1573
Tokyo Restaurants: BolBol Persian Bellydancing Bar & Restaurant
30 January 2008
Japanese Yen Exchange Rates
30 January 2008
Izakaya: Japan's Answer to a Pub
26 January 2008
Japan Shop: Koinobori (Carp Streamers)
20 January 2008
Kyoto Pubs: Gael
19 January 2008
Sounds of Japan Podcast: Pastry Store Clerks
13 January 2008
Japanese Castle Guide
10 January 2008
Booking Flights to Japan
6 January 2008
Book Review: Waiting on the Weather: Making Movies with Akira Kurosawa
1 January 2008
Korea: UNESCO World Heritage Sites
National Holidays in Japan

Books on Japan