Yokohama Landmark Tower and Plaza

Yokohama Landmark Tower and Plaza

Yokohama Landmark Tower and Plaza guide

Yokohama Landmark Tower is a 70-floor tower in the Minato Mirai district of the city of Yokohama, on the edge of Yokohama Port. This sturdy-looking skyscraper with its distinctive corner posts and flared base was completed in 1993, and dominates and defines the Minato Mirai skyline.

Landmark Tower,Minato Mirai, Yokohama.
Yokohama Landmark Tower, Minato Mirai, Yokohama

Yokoyama Landmark Tower Attractions

Yokohama Landmark Tower has three main attractions for the visitor: a Sky Garden observatory on the 69th floor, the five-star Yokohama Royal Park Hotel occupying the 49th to 70th floors, and the adjoining Yokohama Landmark Plaza full of shopping and dining.

The Sky Garden observatory on the 69F has the Sky Café (10 am - 9 pm, or until 10 pm on Saturdays) and the Tower Shop which sells Landmark Tower paraphernalia. The Sky Garden offers a panoramic view of Yokohama, and even of Mt. Fuji on clear days. Access is for 1,000 yen per person up the fastest elevators in Japan.

Most of the shopping and dining here is in the 5-floor Landmark Plaza building at the base of the Tower. Landmark Plaza and Landmark Tower are connected at the 1st, 3rd and 5th floors.

Yokohama Landmark Plaza

The Yokohama Landmark Plaza Building is five floors of mainly dining, fashion and shopping, annexed to the base of the Landmark Tower. The 5th floor restaurants in the Yokohama Landmark Tower and those on the 5th floor of Landmark Plaza are joined by a passageway.

Landmark Plaza features two large indoor plazas: Garden Square and Festival Square, both which extend up to the 5th floor ceiling, are bathed in natural light, and are enclosed by five floors of shopping: about 170 individual shops in all. Both squares are venues for public promotions, performances and other entertainment for shoppers.
Landmark Plaza Building hours: 11 am - 8 pm for shopping, 11 am - 10 pm for dining.

Queen's Plaza shopping center, Minato Mirai, Yokohama.
Queen's Plaza shopping center, Minato Mirai, Yokohama
Moku Moku Waku Waku Yokohama Yo Yo, Landmark Plaza, Yokohama.
Moku Moku Waku Waku Yokohama Yo Yo, Landmark Plaza, Yokohama

Between Yokohama Landmark Plaza and the neighboring Queen's Tower A is a plaza dominated by the playful, stainless steel sculpture, Moku Moku Waku Waku Yokohama Yo Yo (1994), by Japanese artist Hisayuki Mogami (b. 1936).

Yokohama Dockyard Garden

Yokohama Dockyard Garden is a stone-lined pit amphitheater at the base of the Landmark Plaza Building, looking like something from antiquity. A dozen or so restaurants are accessible from it - mainly of the pub-restaurant variety - on the B1 and B2 floors. Yokohama Dockyard Garden is a regular venue for outdoor events, performances and promotions.
Dockyard Garden hours: 11 am - 11 pm

Yokohama Landmark Plaza & Dockyard Garden WiFi

Yokohama Landmark Plaza and Yokohama Dockyard Garden provide a free W-Fi connection to visitors. The SSID is JAPAN-FREE-WIFI. Registration of name and email address is required in the browser window which opens. The registration page is available in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Hangul (Korean).

Yokohama Dockyard Garden.
Yokohama Dockyard Garden


Access to the Landmark Tower and Landmark Plaza is from the nearby Minatomirai Station on the Minatomirai subway line.
Guide Map of Yokohama

Near Yokohama Landmark Tower and Plaza

Yokohama Museum of Art is right next to Landmark Plaza.

Queen's Square Yokohama is three shopping and dining buildings right next to Landmark Plaza, and distinctive in being three different heights, arranged step-like.

The Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum is next to Landmark Plaza.

Yokohama Landmark Tower with boat, Minato Mirai, Yokohama.
Base of Yokohama Landmark Tower (left) with two of the Queens Square buildings (right), Minato Mirai, Yokohama

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