Nagoya Kintetsu Station

Nagoya Kintetsu Station 名古屋近鉄駅

Nagoya Kintetsu Station is adjacent to Nagoya JR Station in the JR Central Towers in the Meieki area of Nagoya and next door to Nagoya Meitetsu Station.

Shimakaze Luxury Express at Nagoya Station.
Kintetsu Shimakaze Luxury Express at Nagoya Kintetsu Station
Nagoya skyline
View of Nagoya showing the 170m-tall Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers and the Kintetsu & Meitetsu Stations

Kintetsu Trains

The Kinki Nippon Railway Company (Kintetsu) connects Nagoya Kintetsu Station in the Chubu district of central Japan with Osaka Namba Station, Tsuruhashi and Uehommachi in the Kansai, Kintetsu Nara Station in Nara (with changes as Yamato-Yagi and Yamato-Saidaiji stations), Tenri and Kyoto as well as Kuwana, Yokkaichi and further south Toba and Kashikojima in the Ise Shima region of Mie Prefecture.

Founded in 1910, the Kintetsu group of 137 companies also operates department stores based at its major railways stations in Japan and builds trains which are operated in the USA, Hong Kong and Egypt.

Express trains that run on Kintetsu Railways include the sleek Urban Liner Next and Urban Liner Plus, the double-decker Vista Car, the colorful Sakura Liner, the new Shimekaze luxury express and the stylish Ise Shima Liner.

Aside from Japan Railways (JR), Kintetsu is the largest rail network in Japan with around 570km of track in the Chubu and Kansai areas connecting Ise, Tsu, Kyoto, Yokkaichi, Nagoya, Osaka and Nara.

Kintetsu also operates buses mainly in Osaka and Takeda in Kyoto. Kintetsu buses also run from Uehommachi, Universal Studios, Fuse Station and Tempozan to Kansai International Airport (KIX). There is a Kintetsu bus service from Universal Studios to Itami Airport.

Urban Liner Express, Kintetsu Station, Nagoya
Urban Liner Express, Kintetsu Station, Nagoya

Kintetsu Station Building & Department Store

The Kintetsu Station Building includes the Kintetsu Pass'e department store with many women's fashion stores: Ingni, Cecil McBee, Olive des Olive, Lip Service, Peach John as well as a branch of Tower Records on the 9th floor with English language magazines and a Hoshino Book Store on the 8th.

There is a separate men's fashion section.

There are Kintentsu department stores at Abeno Harukas near Tennoji Station in Osaka, Uehommachi, Higashi Osaka, Nara, Ikoma, Kashihara, Wakayama, Momoyama, Kusatsu and Yokkaichi.

Shimakaze Luxury Express at Nagoya Station.
Nagoya Kintetsu Station Platform
Shimakaze Luxury Express at Nagoya Station.
Kintetsu Shimakaze Luxury Express at Nagoya Kintetsu Station

Hotels near Nagoya Kintetsu Station

Recommended hotels in the Nagoya Station Meiki area include the luxury Nagoya Marriott Associa in the JR Central Towers, the 3-star Hotel Resol Nagoya, the Meitetsu Grand Hotel, the Castle Plaza Hotel, the Chisun Inn, the budget Toyoko Inn Nagoya-eki Shinkansen-guchi, the Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Eki-mae, the large Daiwa Roynet Hotel Nagoya Eki Mae, the basic and cheap Eco Hotel Nagoya and the Royal Park Hotel.

Nagoya Kintetsu Station
1-2-2 Mei-eki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi, 450-0002
Tel: (052) 582 3411

Nagoya Station Area Map

Kintetsu Trains

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