Konan Exit Shinagawa Station

Shinagawa Station Konan Exit 品川駅港南口

Konan Exit Overview

The Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station, on the station's east side offers the visitor a shorter things-to-do list than the Takanawa exit on the west side does. However, the immediate Konan exit area is worth a visit for the enjoyable, memorable, even grandiose, attractions it provides in the Shinagawa district of Tokyo.

Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan

JR Reservations Office & Tokaido Shinkansen

Just inside the Konan exit is the JR Midori no Madoguchi ticket office and the Tokaido Shinkansen station ticket wicket for Shinagawa Station. The next shinkansen station north is the terminal station of Tokyo Station, and the next station south is Shin-Yokohama.

Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Atre (left) & A,RE,A (right), Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan

Atre Shinagawa

The Atre Shinagawa department store offers some of the Shinagawa Station area's most elegant shopping opportunities. It is directly accessible from, and forms part of, the Konan exit. It consists of three floors, the 2F "Manhattan Street" with classy boutiques, delicatessens and confectioners (hours 10 am - 9 pm), the 3F "Food Boutique" supermarket (hours 10 am - 10 pm, except for the bakery which opens at 8 am), and the 4F "Lounge Foodium" restaurants floor (hours 11 am - midnight) which includes a branch of the famous New York Grand Central Oyster Bar and Restaurant.

Stairs just outside Atre Shinagawa, and still inside the Konan exit space, take you down to the ground-level taxi depot.

Straight ahead of you as you come out of the Konan Exit is the Konan Plaza, with the small Konan dining and entertainment quarter right across the plaza.

Konan Plaza, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Konan Plaza, with entertainment area, and Shinagawa Front Building behind, Shinagawa, Tokyo.
Glass Dance Beer, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Glass Dance Craft Beer Bar, Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station area, Tokyo

Bus Depot - Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau

The Konan exit bus depot is to your left after exiting the station, directly accessible by the covered walkway above the road. It is best known to foreign residents in the Tokyo region for the bus service to the Tokyo Regional Immigration Bureau: bus no.99 from platform 8. Look for the big sign. The bus stop is right in front of the ultra-modern A,RE,A Shinagawa building.

Area Shinagawa, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
A,RE,A Shinagawa, near Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan

A,RE,A Shinagawa

A,RE,A Shinagawa ("ah-reh-ah" Shinagawa) is the building right behind the bustops across the road from Atre Shinagawa. The first three floors are mainly restaurants and cafes, ranging from the reasonably-priced to the elegant. Family Mart convenience store, on the 1F, and the Virgin Cafe, on the 2F, are right behind the bus stop for the Immigration Bureau.

A,RE,A Shinagawa also has a 56-car parking space, open from 7 am to midnight.

Konan entertainment area, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Main alley of Konan entertainment area, Atre Shinagawa in background, Tokyo, Japan

Konan Dining and Entertainment District

The small Konan dining and entertainment district is directly across from the Konan exit, separated by a plaza. An alley runs through the district, lined with small, mainly traditional-style bars and eateries and karaoke buildings.

The establishments on the left-hand (north) block are extremely tightly packed together, often with barely room to squeeze through the narrow back alleys that connect them--a cooking fire disaster waiting to happen.

The less crowded block right behind it has the Glass Dance Shinagawa craft beer bar, on your left as you walk through.

Right behind the entertainment district is the incongruously green, elegant and modern Shinagawa Front Building, readily visible from the station, with its slick Wired Cafe bar and cafe on the ground floor.

Wired Cafe Shinagawa, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Wired Cafe, Shinagawa Front Building, Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station area, Tokyo

The Strings by Intercontinental

The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo Hotel is one of Tokyo's most luxurious hotels, set in quiet surrounds and with the numerous amenities offered by Shinagawa close at hand. It occupies the 26th to 32nd floors of the Shinagawa East One Tower, just a minute's walk to your right out of the Konan Exit along an enclosed walkway..

The Shinagawa East One Tower has several good quality Japanese-style restaurants on its B1 and 1F, and a cafe on the 2F--very near the Konan Exit.

Shinagawa East One Tower is the first tower in the line of several stretching south of Shinagawa Station that together form Shinagawa Grand Commons.

Strings by Intercontinental lobby, Shinagawa, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Strings by Intercontinental lobby, Konan Exit, Shinagawa Station area, Tokyo

Shinagawa Grand Commons

Shinagawa Grand Commons is a line of eight gleaming skyscrapers extending south of the Konan Exit of Shinagawa Station, starting with Shinagawa East One Tower housing the The Strings by Intercontinental Tokyo Hotel.

The development, completed in 2004, is the culmination of a 20-year urban renewal project on land that was a railway freight yard. Most of the other buildings are office towers, home to many prominent corporations, including the Microsoft headquarters in Japan.

Overhead walkways across Shinagawa Central Garden connect Shinagawa Grand Commons to the parallel Shinagawa Intercity complex.

Shinagawa Intercity, Tokyo, Japan.
Shinagawa Intercity, from Shinagawa Grand Commons, Tokyo
Shinagawa Central Garden, Shinagawa Tokyo.
Shinagawa Central Garden, a "folly" in foreground and, beyond it, a walkway between Shinagawa Intercity (left) and Shinagawa Grand Commons (right)

Shinagawa Central Garden

Shinagawa Central Garden (officially known as Mori no Koen) is a small park that runs between Shinagawa Grand Commons and the parallel Shinagawa Intercity complex. This long narrow park is dotted with seven "follies": architecturally whimsical installations, some serving a practical purpose, others purely decorative.

At the end of the park nearest the Konan Exit is a bus stop, which includes the Airport Limousine bus service direct to Narita Airport in Chiba: three departures per day: at 6:30 am, 12:20 pm, and 3:20 pm; 3,100 yen one-way.

Shinagawa Intercity - Sunday flea market, Shinagawa Station, Tokyo, Japan.
Shinagawa Intercity - Sunday flea market, with Shinagawa Central Garden and Shinagawa Grand Commons at right, Tokyo

Shinagawa Intercity

Shinagawa Intercity is a complex of five buildings running parallel to Shinagawa Grand Commons just across from Shinagawa Central Garden. The distinctive oval A Tower is mainly offices, but next to it is the five-story Shinagawa Intercity Shop and Restaurant Building. As the name indicates, there are numerous quality dining options, as well as cafes, convenience stores and clinics.

The Shinagawa Intercity Flea Market takes place every Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm in the Atrium and Galleria of the Shop & Restaurant Building. Over 100 stalls are thronged by a crowd of up to 2,000 people looking for treasures and bargains.

The Nikon Museum (Tel: 03 6433 3900; 10am-6pm; closed Sundays & national holidays) is a free, hands-on museum on the second floor of Shinagawa Intercity Tower C dedicated to Nikon cameras.

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